Dress Code

Dress Code

Students who take pride in their appearance generally behave better in school and are more likely to do well in class. The standards of appearance for students shall ensure that pupils are clean, neat, and properly dressed.

It is the responsibility of each teacher and administrator to see that the dress and grooming of the students are not so disruptive as to interfere with the teaching and learning atmosphere. Students will:

a) Not wear sunglasses or dark glasses in the building unless prescribed by a physician.

b) Head coverings MAY NOT be worn on campus during the school day unless there is a special activity in which they are deemed appropriate by administration or for religious reasons. This includes hats, hoods and bandannas. (Such items may be confiscated and held in the administrative office.)

c) Not wear clothes that are in any way related to or mimic gangs (this may include the wearing of bandannas)

d) Not wear halter-tops, tank tops, midriff tops, string tops, razor back shirts, and sling tops; see-through or semi- transparent tops that show undergarments such as bra, bralettes, or string camisoles.

e) Not wear clothing that has holes or tears above the knee that shows skin in the front or back of the garment.

f) Not wear clothing that promotes or advertises drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, sexual activity, or other offensive items

g) Not wear clothing that exposes undergarments. Shirts designed to be worn as undergarments should not be worn alone.

h) Not wear pajama pants, housecoats, or bedroom shoes

i) Not wear leggings, jeggins, tights or spandex alone. The article of clothing worn over the previously listed attire must be covered by another garment that covers both the front and back below the buttocks.

j) Wear shorts and skirts that are no shorter than four inches from the top of the knee EVEN IF LEGGINGS ARE WORN. Shorts and skirts not meeting these criteria will not be allowed.

k) Not wear pants below the natural waistline

l) Boys’ tank-tops or muscle shirts are not permitted.

m) Boys’ shirttails may be worn out if they do not hang below mid-hip.

n) Belts must be worn fastened. Not carried or unfastened in pants or skirts.

o) No one may wear chains, ropes, etc., that hang from garments.

p) Girls may wear sundresses with 1-inch straps. Any dress with straps less the 1-inch requires a cover-up.

q) Girls’ necklines cannot be lower than the straight line from the top of the underarm across to the opposite underarm. No cleavage should be exposed.

r) Students may not draw or carve inappropriate or unacceptable graphics on their bodies, their clothing, their book bags, their books, their papers, or folders.

s) Students are not allowed to bring blankets or towels to school to use as cover.

School approved uniforms for school-sponsored activities may be approved to be worn at school for special events such as spirit days and homecoming events.