Return to School and Covid-19

Please review the following links related to the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

New School Start Date August 24, 2020

The Board of Education at a called meeting on July 29th approved a calendar change adjusting the school start date from August 10th to August 24th. Due to this change, the return to school options survey has been reopened, providing you with three options.

A. Do nothing, if you have already signed up your child for distance learning and agree to a semester of distance learning and not just a nine weeks commitment.

B. Complete the selection survey, if you now want to sign your child up for distance learning.

C. Complete the selection survey, if you wish to change your previously enrolled distance learning student to traditional (face-to-face) instruction.

Complete the selection survey online OR in person at the Board of Education office by 5 PM on Monday, August 3rd. The selection survey for distance learning is available online on the district and school websites. One form will need to be completed for each child. If you complete the online form, there is no need to come to the Board of Education office to complete a paper copy.

The Deadline to register for distance learning is August 3, 2020